While all crimes carry the risk of a criminal record and time behind bars depending on their severity, it’s a big mistake to miss out on the potential for further penalties due to associated weapons crimes.

Committing any crime with what might be classified as a weapon can up the stakes for the penalties on your case and put you in a very dangerous position.

Any criminal charge involving a weapon, which might reference hammers, knives, pistols, firearms, and more, are aggressively prosecuted by the NY district attorneys. Whether it’s a misdemeanor crime or a felony charge, you must be prepared to have a lawyer take a look into the evidence and tactics to figure out defense strategies immediately. Any arrest involving a “CPW” or criminal possession of a weapon allegation, could mean up to a year in jail or mandatory minimum/maximum penalties.

Even if your weapon was safely stored, if you had ammunition nearby, the crime could even be elevated to possessing a loaded weapon. These small details can make a big impact on the outcome of your case and the official charges on the line. It’s important that you share all of the details of your arrest and the evidence collection so that your lawyer can figure out whether your rights were ever violated.

You need to know that someone is in your corner working on a strategy to benefit your best interests. The longer you wait, the higher the chances of forgetting what happened or missing out on options to dismiss or even plea deals.

When you have a lawyer at the time you’re brought in for booking, however, your lawyer can help prevent costly mistakes. You might be tempted to answer all of the questions for the police officers, but this could harm your case in a big way. Your lawyer will be able to advise you at each stage so that you can avoid mistakes and maximize all your options. Retain a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer immediately for your protection.