Criminal Defense

Howard A. Schwartz and Nicole L. Krysinski together offer more than 40 years combined legal experience practicing at the state and federal level.

Clients can rest assured they will be professionally represented, treated with respect and compassion and cared for to the best of the firm’s ability.

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Vigorous Criminal Defense for the Accused

If you are currently under investigation or have been charged with a crime, this will likely be one of the most terrifying times of your life. There are potentially serious direct and collateral consequences when a person is involved in the criminal justice system. It is important to realize that no matter what the accusation, you are entitled to a strong defense. Being charged with a crime, no matter what the evidence, does not necessarily need to result in a finding of guilt.

First and foremost, remain calm and maintain composure. Don’t be combative or abusive when interacting with law` enforcement. It will never help the situation, and can be dangerous. If the police ask you to make a statement or bring you to an interview room, you have the right to remain silent and request that a lawyer be present before making a statement or answering questions.

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The criminal justice system in New York imposes harsh punishments on those who are convicted of breaking certain laws. If convicted of a crime, you could face jail time, hefty fines, probation or other penalties. Additional collateral consequences may include losing your drivers’ license, employment or educational opportunities, security clearance, immigration status, or child custody privileges. A conviction can be a permanent mark on your record and can damage your reputation. Convictions can be a detriment to credit requests and housing.

When you become a client, our number one goal is to get the charges against you dismissed or to minimize your punishment.

We will exhaust all possible defense strategies to maximize the potential of winning.
Here are just some of the things we can do as your legal representation:

  • Conduct pre-arrest investigations, arrange voluntary surrenders, appear at arraignment, produce pre-trial motions and conduct hearings, trials and sentencing procedures.
  • Conduct a thorough pre-trial investigation to obtain and analyze evidence including police reports, lab reports and witness testimony
  • Fight to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained
  • Consult experts who can strengthen your defense including forensic specialists, toxicologists, medical examiners and others
  • Negotiate with prosecutors and judges to attain a dismissal or an advantageous plea deal

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