Experienced Assault Defense Attorneys

Our firm routinely handles assault cases and related charges, providing aggressive representation in all five boroughs and throughout New York State. If you are charged with an assault case, it is vital that you understand your options and have an attorney who will take the time to explain them to you. Our firm thoroughly explores all possible scenarios with our clients and evaluates the potential impact for you, your employment and your family when dealing with these types of cases.

Minor altercations often times can result in serious criminal charges. An otherwise slight incident can be charged as a felony (aggravated assault) if a weapon is involved or a serious injury occurred. Although this incident may seem minor, suddenly a person is facing a substantial prison term. In some cases assault cases with be charged as hate crimes which will increase the possible sentences a person is facing.

Aggressive Assault Defense

The attorneys at Schwartz & Krysinski handle all types of assault cases including harassment, misdemeanor and felony assault, aggravated assault, hate crimes and vehicular assault.

Contact our firm to learn how we can mount an aggressive defense into the assault charges against you. Depending on the circumstances of each case, we will work to get the charges dismissed or downgraded. Often times, alternatives to jail such as mental health diversion or anger management classes are appropriate. We investigate each case for possible defenses such as self-defense, defense of another or justification for use of force. The motives of a “victim” must also be examined such as advantage in family court proceedings or laying the groundwork for a civil lawsuit.