A drug arrest can be life-altering. Whether this is your first encounter with the criminal justice system or you have been here before, you may be overwhelmed wondering:

  • Should I talk to the police?
  • Should I accept a plea agreement?
  • Should I fight the drug charges?

The stakes are too high to face the future without an experienced attorney in your corner. At Schwartz & Krysinski, L.L.P., our Brooklyn drug charge lawyers have handled hundreds of drug cases in state and federal courts for 25 years. Contact us to learn how we will fight for a dismissal

Experienced to Defend Your Rights and Mitigate Potential Ramifications

Every drug case is unique. A drug conviction can have adverse ramifications beyond jail time, probation and substantial fines. A conviction could affect your professional license, employment opportunities, security clearance, immigration status, child custody proceedings and many other facets of life.

At Schwartz & Krysinski, L.L.P., we thoroughly investigate the facts of a case and take the time to fully understand the potential ramifications our clients face. This enables us to anticipate not only the criminal penalties but also collateral issues that must be considered when defending clients accused of:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Unlawful possession of prescription drugs
  • Drug trafficking

Based on our years of experience, we know what you are up against. Our Brooklyn drug charge defense attorneys will develop an effective defense strategy taking into account everything you have on the line.

Seeking to Address Addiction Issues Outside of Incarceration

The criminal justice system often focuses on punishing individuals, instead of addressing underlining issues of addiction. Schwartz & Krysinski, L.L.P., proactively supports treatment as an alternative to jail or prison. Howard Schwartz has had remarkable success persuading prosecuting attorneys and judges that treatment — rather than incarceration — is in the best interests of the accused and the state. We fight to give our clients a chance at a brighter future.

Contact Our Queens Prescription Drugs Lawyers Today

Whether you are accused of prescription drug fraud, drug possession or another type of drug charge, do not gamble away your future with an inexperienced attorney in your corner. You deserve more than that. Contact our proven drug defense lawyers today in Brooklyn, New York. For urgent situations, you can reach us 24 hours a day at 718-208-6094 or 917-309-3678.