Every person who has been arrested for a crime must be afforded basic civil rights.  Our attorneys have an extensive background in criminal defense and the constitutional rights of those who are suspected of or arrested for crimes. We have been involved in civil lawsuits for compensatory damages for police misconduct and other civil rights abuses, including: police brutality or unnecessary force, unwarranted use of a Taser, racial profiling, false arrest and unlawful detainment, malicious prosecution, prosecutorial misconduct, cruel and unusual punishment, and infringement of free speech or free assembly.

Suffering through police brutality is a life-changing experience that no one should ever have to live through, however, you have rights under the law and you need experienced counsel to help you through this difficult time. Our team is compassionate and caring, our firm is client-focused and we are here to fight for your rights.

Police officers generally have broad freedom and abilities in order to undertake their responsibilities. The Constitution and other laws, however, place limits on what lengths police are able to go to when trying to enforce jurisprudence. Law enforcement officers sometimes go too far, thereby transgressing upon the liberties of citizens. As a result, the affected individuals may have recourse through federal and state laws. A principal purpose of the nation’s civil rights laws is to maintain the protection of its citizens from misuse of power by their government employees, such as law enforcement misconduct. Civil rights laws may allow for attorney expenses and compensatory and punitory damages as benefits of these laws.

Our lawyers are keenly aware of the legal boundaries set for law enforcement.  We take our role seriously in keeping law enforcement honest and accountable for the way they investigate crimes and treat citizens.