If you believe you might be charged with a theft crime, it is important to speak with an attorney before you are arrested and charged.  Our attorneys may be able to negotiate restitution so that no arrest is ever made, which would keep your record clean. If charges have already been filed, we may still be able to get the charges dismissed or downgraded upon an upfront payment of restitution.

First-time retail theft offenders (shoplifting offenders) in Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County may be eligible for the StopLift program, which was designed to prevent reoccurring shoplifting. We always advocate for clients to be admitted to this program, whereby successful completion of the course can lead to dismissal of all charges.

Experienced Burglary and Grand Larceny Defense

Burglary and Grand Larceny (theft valued at $1,000 or greater) are more serious crimes and are almost always charged as felonies crimes. We will do everything we can we will do everything we can to have the client avoid prison and minimize consequences.  Some of our most common types of cases include: shoplifting/retail theft, employee theft, auto theft or carjacking, burglary, identity theft, credit card theft/credit card fraud, writing bad checks, grand larceny, and embezzlement/fraud.

We specialize in helping clients with mental health issues seek treatment as an alternative to sentencing. We have successfully defended people with kleptomania, dementia and other types of mental illness.

We investigate each charge thoroughly and always consider the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction on the lives of our clients and their families. We have successfully resolved collateral issues relating to immigration, family law and professional licensure after clients were charged with theft offenses.