It is not uncommon for children and teenagers to make mistakes, however when those mistakes are criminal, the consequences can have a devastating impact on their future.

Our attorneys are experienced in family court, handling all types of juvenile offenses, including drug possession, underage drinking, breaking and entering, trespassing, shoplifting and vandalism.

Strategic Juvenile Criminal Defense

Juvenile court is very different from adult criminal court. Although Judges and prosecutors strive to ensure that a minor is punished for the alleged crime, with proper negotiation, options are often available to provide a second chance with minimized charges and a lesser sentence.

Our skilled attorneys understand how to present a case to the court which demonstrates how our clients can learn a lesson without having to serve a full penalty.  We also have been quite successful in advocating for expungement of crimes on a person’s record.  A criminal record can have a profound impact on a student’s educational choices, eligibility for scholarships and opportunities for jobs. We fight to ensure that these opportunities remain options and are not put in jeopardy due to a criminal record.