Bail Reform In New York: Criminal Law

Bail reform received a new push across New York. There has been a renewed push for reform of bail setting amounts in New York. The governor intends to get rid of the required bail system associated with those who have been accused of non-violent felonies and misdemeanors.

Suspects would be placed on community supervision or make a promise to return to court, rather than submitting to bail. Experts in the field believe that this would dramatically change the criminal justice system.

The Bail System Is Hardest On The Poor

Many different criminal defense attorneys in Brooklyn and elsewhere throughout New York believe that the bail system is often used to put poor people and minorities accused of crimes at a serious disadvantage, as they are often unable to meet their bail obligations and are therefore stuck in court waiting for the time for their trial. The Albany County District Attorney says that the purpose is to put together a policy that generates a presumptive relief on 80% of the offenses currently in the penal law.

If you have already been accused of a crime and the bail amount is set too high, you need to talk to an attorney immediately. The sooner you can get a criminal lawyer on your case, the easier it will be to reduce your bail amount.

If you try to push back with the bail amount on your own, you’re much less likely to succeed. Instead, you could be looking at major problems and challenges in your case that could jeopardize your freedom and put you behind bars when this might be otherwise avoided.

Future Bail Reform

Allegedly this would lead to billions of dollars saved for the taxpayers in terms of jail cost. No bail reform bill is currently in front of the state assembly or the Senate but it may be coming in the future. Anyone who has been accused of a crime needs to be prepared for fighting back against bail being set far too high. The support of a knowledgeable Brooklyn criminal defense attorney can be extremely helpful in this effort.