In the United States criminal justice system, any person who is convicted has the right to appeal that conviction. Winning an appeal, however, can be complex and difficult.

With so much on the line, it is important that you have skilled representation on your side who knows how to handle all types of criminal representation and who has the experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

Appeals Attorneys With the Experience Needed to Overturn a Ruling

At Schwartz & Krysinski, L.L.P., our attorneys are experienced in handling appeals for individuals who have been convicted. We know how to retry a case, working to overturn the original ruling and helping you avoid the sentencing for that crime.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, and you wish to appeal, call our law offices today at 718-208-6094 to speak with a skilled appeals lawyer.

In an appeal, you must prove that a legal error was made in the original criminal trial. Judges will review the record of the original proceedings to determine if a mistake caused you to be convicted improperly. This process can take months, if not years. We will work with you and your family throughout the process, always providing the answers and information you need.

At Schwartz & Krysinski, L.L.P., we are prepared to appeal both state and federal cases. Federal cases are much more complex and handled in a different manner than state cases. To successfully appeal a federal case, the attorney must be deeply experienced in federal law and knowledgeable in how to contest these verdicts. Our team of lawyers has the skill you need on your side.