Is your home a dual-income household?

Having a partner who works can make things more difficult in terms of childcare, but the financial resources generated by that second job can make a big difference affording what’s needed for the family. Being promoted is usually cause for celebration, but a new study indicates that women may face marital problems as a result of her promotion. In fact, the study found that women’s divorce rates were double if they received a promotion at work.

If Her Career Or Income Suddenly Change, She May Be More Likely To Divorce

Swedish researchers found that women who began their marriage earning less than their husband or not working at all were more likely to get divorced if their career or income opportunities suddenly changed. The white paper was recently published looking at more than 30 years of detailed Swedish register data. This explored the experiences of job candidates before and after their promotions.

Although the primary basis of the analysis was based on public sector jobs like parliamentarians and mayors, the researchers also looked at the experiences of women who were promoted to the role of CEO at a private company. The public sector divorce rates were analyzed for women who won elections and women who lost them.

Less Likely To Stay Married

A woman who got a top job was seven percentage points less likely to stay married to her spouse compared to a woman who ran for office but lost. This effectively doubled the divorce probability based on the perception that her marriage wouldn’t work out.

A significant change in your job can disrupt your family life, particularly if you and your spouse argued about money and the other spouse is not used to being taken out of the role of breadwinner. You need to set aside time to talk to an experienced Brooklyn family lawyer if you are concerned about the best way to protect your interests.