Have you ever been stopped by a police officer in NY?

If you have been accused of a crime, you should share your concerns about the arrest with a criminal defender. If the police violated your rights in any way and your stop led to an arrest, share this information with your lawyer to help with your defense.

Stop and Frisk

According to a recent report, after New York Police Department officers stopped scrutinizing stop-and-frisk reports, the number of overall stops decreased. In 2013, the New York Police Department began requesting cops to provide detailed information about their stops. Additionally, a Princeton University study showed that officers only frisk people when criminal activity was most likely. However, that same year a federal judge said that the stop-and-frisk practices were subject to reform because of their unconstitutional nature.

Prior to that mandate, only 3.5% of street stops that included claims of criminal possession of a weapon actually led to the confiscation of a weapon. Following the reform, however, the total numbers of unnecessary stops decreased dramatically, when there was no evidence of criminal activity or evidence of weapons.

If you were stopped by a police officer in Brooklyn or elsewhere in New York, because of alleged criminal activity, the officer still must protect your rights. If an officer violates your rights and you are ultimately accused of a crime, this information could become important in your defense. Scheduling a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney should be your first option after being accused.

Whether it was a random stop on the street by a police officer or if you got pulled over for suspected DUI, you have rights. These rights should be protected over the arrest process. If a search and seizure violation or other obstruction of your rights happened, you might be able to challenge the entirety of your criminal charges. If you can mount a compelling defense to a DUI, you may be able to avoid problems.