Being arrested for a crime is an unfortunate situation in and of itself.

This situation is further complicated if you believe that you were the victim of police brutality and need to take action against the responsible authorities.

Plenty of news reports and personal stories have led many people to believe that police brutality has become more common. Understanding what to do in the event that you have been the victim of excessive force or police brutality is important for protecting your rights.

A charge of police brutality is a serious one, but speaking up is crucial if you were mistreated and officers broke the law. Your lawyer should be prepared to help you with this claim and explain how it affects your defense.

The following elements must be considered in pursuing a police brutality claim:

  • Gather witness contact information, videos and photos immediately after the incident has occurred and before leaving the scene. Excessive force cases that rely on photos and videos tend to be much more effective, as it is easier to illustrate the situation that you experienced.
  • Get immediate medical attention even if you are not yet sure whether you have sustained significant injuries. Some of the most disabling injuries can be silent and difficult to detect at the scene of the incident, such as a concussion.
  • Obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney will be able to assist you with the criminal charges against you and the allegations of police brutality and excessive force may become an important component of your overall criminal defense strategy.

Memorialize the story for your attorney. Creating a narrative that is specifically for your attorney’s eyes only can be significant for outlining your next steps and ensuring that your lawyer has everything he or she needs to put together a compelling defense strategy on your behalf.